Frens Hartgers

Sergeant Frens Hartgers (28) is severely injured when his vehicle hits an IED near FOB Qudus in Afghanistan in 2008. Hartgers is thrown 20 meters out his vehicle, has an arterial bleeding in his groin, both his heels and left knee are shattered. “No, I don’t have any visible injuries, but I am hurting every day.”

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Marc van de Kuilen

Marc van de Kuilen (24) is a real athlete. He played American Football and performed at the highest Dutch league before joining the armed forces. On deployment, he worked out with his own made dumbbells and ammunition caskets. Marc lost both of his legs due to friendly fire during a firefight in 2007, but this never slowed him down.

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Rob Bakker

Rob Bakker severely injured both his legs when his vehicle hits an IED while on patrol in Uruzgan. “I had eleven fractures in my right leg, in my left I couldn’t even count the number of fractions.” Rob: “I thought; it takes six weeks to recover from a fracture, after that I will go back to work.” That was a bit too optimistic.

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De gewonde Soldaat


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