Mission and vision

Missie en visie

Our association has the following mission and vision:

  • Maintain the bond between injured soldiers and if possible increase this bond in favor of solidarity and military brotherhood.
  • To organize meetings for injured soldier to enable them to catch up and talk about their daily life experiences.
  • Participate in sports activities to facilitate and motivate the injured soldiers so they can experience what they are still capable of doing.
  • Give guidance to members in order to help them find the right support in solving problems that are related to their experiences in combat or during deployments.
  • Expose the association in every possible way the ensure an increased awareness of injured soldiers within the Dutch society. This way, this group of veterans will gain more respect and understanding.
  • Act as a liaison between members and institutions and serving as a platform to address the abovementioned problems regarding injured soldiers.

De gewonde Soldaat


De Gewonde Soldaat
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