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Vereniging de Gewonde Soldaat

Soldiers carry on where others stop. The recent mission in Afghanistan proved that fact once more. Some of our comrades gave all, the highest offer someone can give.

WWe came home, but the price was high. Every day, this confronts us because of the permanent injuries we suffered when we got wounded in battle. We feel connected by all we have been through. We have been injured but we are not defeated.

Met dit motto heeft een groep van ca. 50 militairen, die zware verwondingen hebben opgelopen in Afghanistan, de Vereniging “De Gewonde Soldaat” opgericht.

Increasing knowledge

With this credo, a group of approximately 50 soldiers, who suffered severe injuries in Afghanistan, founded an association “The Wounded Soldier”.
This association aims to give the Dutch society more knowledge about veterans and wounded soldiers in particular. This is being achieved by giving presentations to civilian institutions about leadership and endurance. The association also participates in sports activities like Mudmasters. This way, the association contributes to the knowledge of the Dutch people of veterans and wounded soldiers.

Understanding, acknowledgment and appreciation

“The Wounded Soldier” ensures increased awareness, recognition and appreciation of this special group of veterans who suffered severe injuries during their deployment. After all, they are facing an even greater challenge upon returning home: a mostly very long recovery process. Such a process usually includes bad times and moments of despair, not only for the injured soldier but also for partners and family. Still, through their amazing endurance and positive views on life they managed to create a future for themselves, despite wheelchair, prosthesis or psychological injuries.


The members of “The Wounded Soldier” want to share their experiences and success-stories with the Dutch society and use this to motivate other people. This way, there will be more understanding of veterans, and definitely more respect for Armed Forces that matter!

Would you like to donate, you can do this to accountnumber NL88INGB0007121825 quoting “donation + your name and e-mail”.

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