LOSC raises funds for The Wounded Warrior

Cheque uitreiking van het OOCL

Image: f.l.t.r.: brigadier Ivo de Jong, Johan Bergsma, Jaaike Brandsma, Jan Jaap Van Weering en initiator lieutenant Franklin Kramer.

On the 8th of July 2015 the association The Wounded Soldier received a cheque from the organisation LOSC (Land Operations Support Command), Jan Jaap van Weering (etiquette and manners consultant) and Johan and Coby Bergsma (Bergsma photography). During Kingsprome organized by the LOSC on the 23th of Apil 2015, there has been a collection of financial resources. By a number of initiatives like a book selling of Jan Jaap van Weering and the making of portrait photos from guests by Johan and Coby Bergsma. The amount that was raised during the Kingsprome 2015 of the LOSC is donated to the association The Wounded Soldier. As directors of The Wounded Soldier we would like to express our thanks to the LOSC, Jan Jaap van Weering and Johan/Coby Bergsma to establish this great amount of benefits for the Association. Thanks to such initiatives the Association can organize all kinds of activities. For this reason we are very content with this kind of great ideas and people.


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